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Roll-A-Cover International is America's largest manufacturer of trackless retractable enclosure products. Our decades of aluminum fabrication experience and technological advancements within the sunroom and patio room industry has allowed our company to provide the finest trackless retractable residential and commercial enclosures built today. Our trackless retractable swimming pool enclosures and trackless retractable sunroom and patio rooms provide great benefits should the weather be beautiful or inclement. Our trackless retractable restaurant enclosures used in place of traditional sunrooms and patio rooms offer your customers tremendous benefits. When the weather becomes inclement you will quickly and easily close your trackless retractable enclosure and still be able to utilize your outdoor area. This allows your customers or you as a homeowner to be outdoors or indoors rather than having a permanent structure year round. 

Our rolling wall systems are retractable partitions that vertically separate an indoor and outdoor space. Bi-fold doors are walls of the past. Rolling wall systems have now taken their place. They are less costly and easier to install and operate. Rolling walls have joined our award winning lineup of innovative glazing products.

We customize each enclosure with widths up to 30' wide and lengths over 100. We offer a variety of aluminum framed colors to match your architectural designs. Our 10 year product warranty provides the product security that all our customers look for. 

We have earned 13 North American awards for our retractable swimming pool enclosures and our retractable sunrooms and skylight enclosures. Our products meet and exceed most worldwide swimming pool and sunroom engineering requirements and are designed and manufactured by a team of aluminum fabrication professionals. Sunrooms, patio rooms, retractable awnings, deck coverings, clear span pool enclosures, retractable walkways, and fixed skylights have been in the marketplace for decades. Our custom built enclosures have only been in the industry for 15 years, but our growth has been remarkable. We are installing our retractable restaurant enclosures and sunrooms on rooftops of hotels and nightclubs throughout New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and around the world.

Why be inside when you can be out? Why own a fixed sunroom or a fixed solid roof patio enclosure when you can enjoy the outdoors when the weather is beautiful? Your indoor space will become more energy efficient utilizing the greenhouse effect in the winter, and in the summer, you will be able to open the room to exhaust excessive heat and enjoy the outdoors. Call us today at 866-393-7292 to discuss your project.

 Our Custom Products Include:

v  Sunrooms                                                          

v  Restaurant Enclosures

v  Patio Enclosures

v  Deck Enclosures

v  Retractable Skylights

v  Pool Enclosures

v  Rolling Walls/Partitions

v  Golf Shelters

v  Smoking Rooms

v  Industrial Equipment Enclosures

v  Hot Tub Enclosures

v  Walkways

v  Greenhouses

v  Fixed Skylights

v  Vestibules

v  Retractable Canopies


Since we are a custom aluminum fabricating company, custom applications are available!

 Thank you for your interest in our trackless retractable enclosures and we look forward to assisting you in achieving the most beneficial enclosure for your project.






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